Dallas Mekaneselam
St.Michael and St.Kidanemhiret

Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church


Due to the increasing number of Ethiopians in Dallas and Fort-Worth area it became necessary to look for additional worship place in order to provide satisfactory service for our fellow Orthodox Christians. Therefore; Mekane Selam St. Michael and St. Kidane Meheret Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church had been established in December, 2012. It had been founded as Tserha Ariam St Rufael Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church and incorporated in June 20, 2013 and its name changed to Mekane Selam Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church on April 3, 2014. 


In addition to preaching the gospel and calling the people to live as Christians should live, the church has a lot of services to give its members. The church performs the seven sacraments of the church. Our church sacraments are considered to be sacred actions by which believers receive an invisible grace, through material or visible sign and elements. The seven sacraments are Baptism, Confirmation, Penance, The Lord's Supper, Unction of the Sick, Matrimony and The Holy Order(p).

Besides the above-mentioned services church facilitates that enable its members learn religion, history, and ethics. Moreover, educating the youth how to protect themselves from illegal substances is an important focus. Regarding children, the focus of the church is to bring them up discipline and moral teaching them the Ethiopia and American values. The church welcomes anybody who has willing to know about the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church.

Our church always encourages its members to help the needy. Our clergy are always ready to share their wisdom, visit the sick and comfort the people devastated by the loss of their loved one.


Our Priests 

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Komos Melake Meheret Aba Meheret Zewdie​


​Kesis Thomas Zeleke Woldegebriel

Kesis Shewa 2022-04-18.png

Kesis Shewadenber Jiru